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Where do you suspect your money troubles come from your star sign? This may be true in many cases however, did you also know that you the why in which you were brought up also contributes to your money habits, such as what sun sign your guardians were to help encourage who you are today? Based on your astrological sun sign (for those well versed in Astrology your Rising sign as well) you may also want to look at the sun sign of the person who you feel has contributed towards your financial habits…take the good… and extract the bad onto your way of financial bliss!:ARIES(Mar 21 – April 20)At Heart: Arians and money is a bad combination, as most live they live for the day and don’t think of the consequences. Arians are likely to have lied at some point to a loved one about their finances.Financial Success:Arians are competitive… as friend, lover, or partner it may be best to “show them the money” or allow them to live by your example and they’ll soon learn the financial ropes that way. It’s not a good thing to dictate the numbers to these Rams if you want results. If you’re the Arian reading this…look over the shoulder of someone who knows what they’re doing!TAURUS(April 21 – May 21)At Heart: Generally not as adventurous and stick with the same deals even if they aren’t the best rates. Therefore Taureans are more confident about the status of their credit rating.Financial Success: Unless, you as a Taurean is looking to make more money, it would be best to live by the saying “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. However, by not looking into competitive rates you may be doing yourself at a disadvantage by not keeping up with the best options as in some cases it’s forced some in the red. Make sure you review your accounts from time to time and be aware of new offers that businesses give in order to keep your business, as in the end you’ll become a very valued customer – thus receiving a “Star Rating”!GEMINI(May 22 – Jun 21)At Heart: Good salesmanship! Excellent wheeler and dealer when it comes to finances. Could it be because they’re “other” half (the Gemini is a Twin Zodiac sign) is always helping them out? Gemini’s are always on the lookout and searching for the best deal in town. You’re not one to argue about cash.Financial Success: Dear Gemini, you could have so much more if you were just a little more astringent about the money that did go through your hands! I know you can be generous at times but it would be helpful to your pocket if you helped others understand that you do not have an endless pot of gold!CANCER(Jun 22 – Jul 23)At Heart: You look after your money as much as you have the huge ability to splurge! F.Y.I. You’re considered one of the biggest financial liars. However, for some reason you’re very believable as you always find a way to get back on top.Financial Success: Save yourself from “you”. Open up a secure savings gaining the best interest rates that cannot be touched for at least a year. Keep multiple ways to invest your money by even investing in several small piggy banks around the house, as you’ll be less tempted to go to the bank. Your mantra is avoid ATM cards and anything to do withdrawing money. Have your automatic bill paying services already set up for you.LEO(Jul 24 – Aug 23)At Heart: “King of the Jungle” that is…always expressing their good intentions…their “many” good intentions” eventually racking up the debts! The more they borrow, the more they spend as the cliché goes. However, these lions aren’t all that bad as they do end up paying for what they set out for…it just takes a while as they go through the list of all those pricey “intentions”.Financial Success: Leo’s you should do your research, stop and think about each purchase. Don’t think too long as they deals that you come up with aren’t always around for long. Why not share your new “intentions” with that of someone you trust to help you decide on what to invest or purchase before you’re broke, as a result. You can financially successful if you’re just wise in the choices you make.VIRGO(Aug 24 – Sept 23)At Heart: Considered “thee” most meticulous sign of all the Zodiac signs, so it shouldn’t surprise you they Virgos are just the same with money – accounting for every penny. Most have a very good to excellent credit rating. Sometimes, they may miss out on taking advantage on opportunities for they’re worth as they can also be very cautious – thus missing out on more money making avenues.Financial Success: How do you make something right into better and then perfect? You keep on polishing it! Virgo, you’ve taken risks before, the opportunities are still out there. You don’t have to put all you have into an investment, there are always ways to test the waters before you get the waves going. Since you won’t make too many financial mistakes it would be good for you to study up on financial investments as you’ll meticulously choose the best options!LIBRA(Sept 24 – Oct 23)At Heart: All the Libra has to see is the sign that says “ON SALE” or “BUY THREE and GET ONE FREE”. Most Libras are swayed by attractive offers and jump into deals without looking. This can put a Libra into great debt. Granted a Libra will always make sure to have some of the nicest things money can buy for the money they have left to spend of course, but there has to be a “balance” with this zodiac sign if they want even more money to spend!Financial Success: Take your time with each purchase, with each financial investment and read things over, and over and over and over again…then come back the NEXT day and do it all over again! As a Libra it’s best to invest one at a time and within time to make sure no one has pulled a “fast one” on you, and you’ll do fine.SCORPIO(Oct 24 – Nov 22)At Heart: Wanting that “doggy in the window” is never an issue for that Scorpio cause it they want it bad enough – a Scorpio gets it! This even means if they have to seek out dozens of lenders before getting the right offer. This can become a problem if a Scorpio is in a joint venture with someone else…Furthermore, a Scorpio is also inclined to choose the top of the line item which only will add more salt to the financial wound.Financial Success: The good news is that most Scorpios over time learn from their mishaps and tend not to relive them again. As a Scorpio you’ve a keen since of quality so most of you’re investments are well worth the money. However, it would be good practise to save up for that ticket item rather than investing in increasing your debt. Remember that thing called “Saving”? Do this and you won’t be so popular with the banks on the giving side anymore not to mention saving your relationships.SAGITTARIUS(Nov 23 – Dec 21)At Heart: Hmmm… we all know that there’s nothing wrong with your sense of memory, so why did you forget…rather – ignore paying that bill? Because you’re considered one of the luckiest Zodiac signs of the chart you’ve an ability to always land on your feet with many or if not all your mishaps. This should not be an excuse to take, Lady Luck for granted. Sagittarius tend to be very happy go lucky with money and investments as well, which is why they tend to loose and gain as much as day and night.Financial Success: “Control” is your mantra! If possible set up automatic payments via your bank, save your money from your self and “then” keep on living the way you live best. Life shouldn’t be about being uncomfortable and restriction is a not good place for you so learn to have what you don’t do best managed by someone who does so you may continue with the luck that the heavens have given you! Lastly, as a Sagittarian you are very trusting so from time to time know that not all carry your luck or can be trustworthy… check up on your manager to make sure they’re keeping on top of things from time to time.CAPRICORN(Dec 22 – Jan 20)At Heart: You manage your financial accounts very well my dear Capricorn! You even look for the best deals…Most are proud of their credit rating and even have money saved for “Rainy Day”…and even a “Sunny Day”! So how can one almost so close to perfection need any type of advice? Oh yeah that’s right… live on a planet where there are so many others that we must interact with that DO NOT manage their money well thereby somehow trickling into the demise of your account handling!Financial Success: Keep on doing what you’re doing by keeping your accounts tidy, secure and safe. Look into investing a little more than you’re accustomed to add revenue – which you’re so good at. Finally, learn that as “things happen” others will see your pot of gold and will naturally want some of it. Establish your limits and keep your mouth shut about what you have in the bank and I can assure you that it won’t decrease. You may at one point in your life be taken advantage with financially by those closest to you – (perhaps more than once)… so be on the look out and you’ll be fine. Why not show them how to manage their money so they never come back asking for yours!AQUARIUS(Jan 21 – Feb 19)At Heart: One would say that there’s always a rumble in your financial department. There’s times you’re rolling in cash and then times you’re in the red – big time! Why is this? Uhhhh…. if you take the time to reflect on the past events causing this each time, you’ll see the answer right in the mirror! Since you can’t run away from yourself it’s not your surroundings, your family and friends to blame….it’s just you. This is not to say you are incapable of making money nor saving. It’s only to say that you’ve got to be careful with money more than most.Financial Success: Take your time and think before spending. Can you really afford it? Do you really need it? Is it really worth the money? How much do you really know about what you want to purchase? Is it to appease everyone else? Be totally brutal in your decision making process when it comes to money and you’ll be on top. You do however, know how to spot a gem when you see it. Just make sure you can afford it first, moreover, you’ll be able to afford it if you don’t purchase other ticket items frivolously in the first place.PISCES(Feb 20 – March 20)At Heart: Money issues are at the bottom of your agenda therefore it may appear that you let a lot of things slide. Be careful about this in regards to partnerships as the other half may think that you do not care resulting in misunderstandings. You enjoy action and tend not to be into the detail of that action therefore it’s only likely that it would appear that you let your financial matters slide.Financial Success: Since it’s very likely that your money matters will involve a partner, why not have your partner or a financial advisor take care of your money matters and you handle the other details that the money is paying for? You a normally very good within your chosen trade so who wants to be bothered with that which isn’t your expertise – learn to give that to the financial experts and you’ll be much happier.